Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Robin Hood & Sherlock Holmes Titles, plus interesting videos - Painting Technique

Possible technique

this is the logo for Ridley Scotts film company, Scott Free

Credits for Sherlock Holmes, not the same as Robin Hood but there is a simplistic element to it

Also quite interesting, this one is done by Gianluigi Toccafondo who did the Robin Hood titles

These are quite abstract but we can get a sense of the technique and something might trigger an idea. Plus i like them


  1. really dont like that Sherlock Holmes clip!
    but the rest are good, im liking the painting idea still, how ever we do it.

  2. yeah i kind of know what you mean about the sherlock holmes clip, i was just going for the simplistic element. I like the others even tho they are quite messy/sketchy, obviously when we do the test we can have a go at finding out which will be the best route. Messy or clean.


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