Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I know i'm contradicting my self here, but... i thought this song fitted quite nicely with what were doing.



  1. Yeah i could see that working but we might have copyright issues :( of course we can do different versions and have one with this song or another and then enter the one with only our sounds, that's me assuming that there will be copyright issues (we can check the rules/guides when they are available) if there is not then great lets try a song or two. Yes this song sounds fairly fitting, i see it more as a end so rather than thoughout, but we might get a better sense/ feeling of that kind of stuff when we have storyboarded/started animating. I still like the idea of using one instrument like a harmonica(i bet you wished you never brought that up lol) or guitar or another for that matter. Orrrrr (just had a thought) how about a different instrument for both characters, then when the are in love the instruments mix???? or something

  2. Its slightly predictable but could be quite nice with whole we were saying it could be used at end.


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