Wednesday, 25 May 2011

 little bit more distant

thoughts on it please


  1. I like it! i like the addition of the other elements in the far background however we might need to be careful that they don't look too much like a round, but I am probably just saying that now cos there's no colour etc. The big tree at the front maybe seems a little too big; depends how we want it to look when the camera pans right to the other bench. At the other bench do we want the tree near that one basically the same size as the main bench or do we want it a bit closer in? it can go both ways if the trees almost mimic each other in terms of size etc then there could be a good connection there with Arthur & Sarah. The close would give off more of a divide between the two which could hint at the contrast between them (hence them splitting up). Errrrrmmmmm I think it would be better if the trees are different form each other so there is a hint of contrast, also i will be more appealing to have a change in composition instead of the same one. What do you think? what i would say is that i feel close in when looking at this composition etc but i like it.

  2. *might need to be careful that they don't look too much like a ROAD


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